National Science Bowl Association

Announcement (7/21/2022): NSBA has concluded!
Congratulations to team aastha for winning the tournament.
View playoff results and the bracket here.

Announcement (6/11/2022): The schedule has been released here.

Announcement (6/11/2022): Combine results have been released here.
As a reminder, the NSBA Draft is today at 8 PM CDT!
The draft will be conducted here.

Announcement (5/31/2022): Please read the new rules here.

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The National Science Bowl Association (NSBA) is a league-style tournament inspired by the NBA starting June 11th. 60 players will register and 12 general managers will draft their team of 5 and compete in the regular season and the playoffs for cash prizes. There will be an all-star game, trades, home court advantage, awards and much more. This will truly be a competition like no other. (Except for SBL and the NBA.)

Price: Each player and manager will have to pay $5 for registration. 100% of the money will be going towards the prize pool as well as extra cash from the organizers bumping the expected prize pool of $400+. The winning team will win a minimum of $280 and runner up $140.

Format: This tournament is open for all age groups, and will include 11 regular season games. The top 6 will be guaranteed into the playoffs, while the next 4 teams will play for the remaining 2 spots. Teams in the playoffs will play best of 5 matches on half packets. This tournament will be nationals RR level for the regular season and jump to nationals DE for the playoffs. We recommend participants to be prepared for a relatively more difficult tournament.

Spectators: One of our goals is to create an exciting atmosphere for spectators to follow the competition. We will have a weekly pick'em competition, the overall winner of which will receive $10. In addition, all matches will be filmed and released at the end of the round, and one highlighted match will be streamed.